Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday Night Update

We had a little boost for our Wednesday evening worship this past week.  We had a big push for our Thanksgiving Eve dinner and invited everyone to follow that with worship.  We opted for the sanctuary instead of the loft and that worked out very well.  Instead of our average of 75, we had 247.  Since it was a special occasion, we extended out time to a full hour and John Tidmore and Karen Andrews helped with the music.

I am hoping this will give us some momentum for the Advent series.  We will be staying in the sanctuary for Advent but we will be returning to our half-hour service, 6:15-6:45.  I am hoping that the attendance will justify staying in the sanctuary after Christmas.  I will be taking a break from preaching through Mark.  I will pick up that series in the new year.  Here is the series for December:

December 3rd  Just Can’t Wait for Christmas – Week 1
Mark 13:24-37  “What Are We Waiting For?”     
December 10th  Just Can’t Wait for Christmas – Week 2 
James 5:7-10   “Patience!”     
December 17th Just Can’t Wait for Christmas – Week 3 
Isaiah 61:1-2 “C is For?”


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