Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jesus has been messing with me my whole life

I am writing sermons today and it occurred to me that Jesus was really messing with me before I was a Christian. The longer I am at this the more I find these things that are tucked into my brain that I can now clearly see as giant, fully lit billboards that said, “Hello William, God is real and wants to get to know you.”

It sort of feels like I somehow scratched, clawed and struggled my way through the wilderness with just my wits- no map, no compass, trees so thick I couldn’t see the sun or stars, getting lost over and over and then finally came out of the woods and realized there were forest rangers with maps, global positioning satellite receivers, compasses, snacks and water standing every 10 feet.

The forest rangers are people, events, situations and other things that, with some perspective appeared to be clearly pointing me in the right direction. At the time, I didn’t see them at all or choose to ignore them.

It is even more amazing that God has allowed me to tuck these things into the back of my brain and they tend to come tumbling out when I am trying to explain something in a sermon or while teaching. They are wonderful little gifts of remembrance.


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