Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See, I'm not crazy

Ever since I began my experiment with twitter (see my post "The Twittering Pastor") I have endured endless strange looks and unhelpful comments from friends, family and coworkers. When someone asks me about twitter and they are my age of older, I tend to answer with, "you won't understand." They often push me on it and the conversation ends with "you are right, I don't understand." That is the point where they often look at me like I have left the the realm reserved for sane people.

So I was excited when my assistant left me this article from the San Antonio Express News on how a non-denominational new church start is using twitter as a part of their worship service. You can read the article here:

"Blest be the tweets that bind" - San Antonio Express News

The thing that they are doing that I find really innovative is allowing people to send tweets during worship and even during the sermon, commenting on what they are experiencing at the moment and making worship truly interactive. (If you still don't know what a tweet is, go back and read the article or my post on the subject.)

While I am not quite ready to have an interactive discussion of my sermon occurring on the screen behind me, this Wednesday night, I will be taking a shot a little more interaction. After our Wednesday evening worship service, I will be leading a discussion group on the teaching for the night. The worship bulletins include discussion questions and starting at 7, we will have a chance to ask questions and discuss the scripture. I am really excited about the premise and I hope we can get some folks involved.

And if you want some more regular, random interaction, you can still follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/pastorwill. You can also follow the church at http://twitter.com/TheU


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