Friday, September 5, 2008

Living outside... for the night

I am in Kerrville for the night for a Annual Conference leadership event with our new bishop. It is being held at our Methodist retreat center, Mount Wesley. I have stayed at Mount Wesley a lot and I think those days are over. First of all, I am allergic to something in the rooms, perhaps mold, perhaps something else. So, after just one night, I am fairly useless due to either a headache or too much allergy medication. Second, the rooms each hold 4 people. As a servant of Christ, who went to his death for our redemption, I hate to gripe about seemingly trivial things like this, but sharing a room with three men is just a little outside my comfort zone (especially since men tend to snore - I am not being judgemental since I do too. It is just a fact of life.)

I may not like sleeping at Mount Wesley, but I am way too cheap to spring for a hotel. So, here I am enjoying my new place, KOA of Kerrville. I have a lovely site for my tent and a nice little picnic table. There are definitely levels of roughing it. This site has an electric plug and there is free wifi so I am currently sitting outside blogging. It is not like I even have to go without tv since you can watch most things on the web now. If the outdoor life gets too rough, there is a Starbucks down the street.
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