Monday, September 22, 2008

Covenant Connection...From the Other Side

I am off to Kerrville this morning to spend some time at Mt. Wesley for Covenant Connection. When I was ordained in June, I finished my three your journey through Covenant Connection, our three year process of preparation and evaluation for probationary members of the annual conference (elders and deacons in waiting who have been commissioned but not yet ordained - don't worry if this seems confusing, it really is.) For the three years between commissioning as a probationer and ordination as an elder or deacon, our pastors, most of who are serving in the local church, meet a few times a year with their peers and a group of ordained elders and pastors called liaison pastor (there is one elder or deacon assigned for each probationer.) So, after finishing up three years as a probationer, I have been asked back, fresh from the experience to be a liaison pastor assigned to a new probationer.

For anyone who was with me for the journey of my own ordination, you know that I was not always totally fond of the covenant connection process. All in all I think the idea is sound, but I wasn't always very happy how it played out. So, when asked, I decided it didn't do much good to complain and it might be better to be part of making the process better. So here I go. I am actually excited to be around another group of pastors who are just getting started. I pray that I might offer some help in guidance that will equip them to be a blessing to God and Christ's Holy Church.


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