Monday, March 15, 2010

Waiting for Perfect

Our Director of Communications posted something on Yammer (our internal twitter, if you will) that was an excellent reminder:

Dear bloggers, I can't say this enough, 80% perfect & live always beats 100% perfect & stuck in your head.

The biggest hurdle of an excellent blog is the anticipation of excellence. I often stew on a blog post for days trying to think it all the way through. By the time I sit down to write it, the moment is gone. Twitter also really cuts down on quality blog posts. Before twitter, I would have a thought and ruminate it on the blog. Some of my most interesting blog posts were random thoughts that I expanded on the fly. Now I just post the thought on twitter and move on.

So, here is a post that is not ready for prime-time - but posted just the same.

To follow up on my last post (The Rhythm of Preaching (or lack there of)), I got through the sermon. I got a lot of positive feedback but it was actually more difficult than I anticipated. Not only was the preparation process hard to wrap my head around, getting up there and actually preaching was downright painful. Fortunately all those years of speaking for a living kicked in, but I am way off my game. And after hearing my own sermon as I spoke it, I am not quite sure what that means.

If you care to hear the sermon, it will be posted here soon:


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