Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blogging toward LCI in Photos Part III

As I was looking for a photo for part 3 of this series, I realized that the narthex of our south sanctuary is closed for renovations. We are sprucing the place up for all our guests for LCI 2010. The caution tape reminded me of a theme I am hearing as I listen to workshop previews. All of the innovative ministries that were are doing here at University share at least one thing in common: All of them faced at least one pretty big obstacle to implementation. Whether it was simply the idea that "we have never done it that way before," an issue of the difficulty of sharing a new vision, or the fear factor of doing something outrageous, all of our best ministries had do go through, over, or around something. I have been encouraging our presenters to share what that looked like and how they eventually got to where they are now (or how they are still trying to get there.) We are looking forward to sharing what we have learned.

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