Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogging toward LCI in Photos

I have the camera out and am beginning a series of posts leading up to LCI to show some of the things we will be talking about at Large Church Initiative 2010. Get all the details at

A scene from New Testament Survey: The Message of Jesus, an option in The Message Phase of our core curriculum: The Pathway to Discipleship.

If you are interested in a a more systematic approach to making disciples at your church, LCI 2010 has a lot of focused workshop and one keynote committed to the topic. University's Directing Pastor will set up the context and theology behind our Pathway to Discipleship during the opening keynote and then I will get into the nitty gritty during Workshop Session A with Creating and Implementing a Discipleship Core Curriculum.

Check back on the blog, we will be posting the details of a Discipleship Pathway Track, for those interested in all the workshops dealing specifically with the pathway.

Get more info at or, if you are from a United Methodist Church in The Southwest Texas Conference, check out

And check back here for more pictures.



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