Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to LCI

If you have found your way here during the Large Church Initiative (Living Congregations Institute) here are some links to blog posts and other resources that speak to our Pathway to Discipleship and other aspects of our ministry at University United Methodist Church.

http://pathway.uchurch.tv/ - a description of the pathway on our website.
http://blogs.uchurch.tv/charles/ - Directing Pastor Charles Anderson has posted to first half of the keynote on his blog. We will post the entire keynote soon.

There are lots of posts on this blog about the pathway. Here are some specifically about it:

Our Assistant Director of Discipleship, Michael Andres, did a guest post on this blog about our pathway to membership:

You can read about the newest addition to our pathway, The Forum, in our latest encourager:


I will keep looking through our stuff and post anything else I find.



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