Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogging toward LCI in Photos Part IV

Large Church Initiative 2010 is almost here. Time to post a few more photos and write about a few more reasons to come and join us.

Our Assistant Director of Discipleship, Michael Andres, is crunching a few more numbers to show to effectiveness of our Pathway to Discipleship. He can show you how our pathway is more than just another program. We are seeing its fruitfulness in transforming lives by raising expectations and providing a foundation for people to begin a true journey of discipleship. If you want to learn what we are doing to help people "look to Jesus to look more like Jesus" don't miss the first keynote with our Directing Pastor, Charles Anderson and then find your way to these workshops:

A-03 Creating and Implementing a Discipleship Core Curriculum - This is where we will talk about the nuts and bolts about creating a system that puts people in a place where they can meet Jesus, learn the message of Jesus and begin the claim their own mission from Jesus. I will share some of the specific architecture of the pathway and Michael Andres will share some data to show its effectiveness.

C-07 Resources for Systematic Discipleship - Our out|reach pastor, Adam Knight will join me for this one where we will talk more specifically about some of the components of the pathway. Some of these we created, others are commercially available. We will spend most of our time looking at the unique way we use these resources to help people move forward in their journey of discipleship. We will also open up the hood a little more on the pathway and talk about some of the ways we help people maintain forward momentum.

D-07 u|connect: One Church's Model of Assimilation - Don't miss this one! Michael Andres will talk about the most essential part of the pathway - how we get people into it in the first place.

If you have some other people coming with you, you may also want to check out:

A-01 Alpha: A Practical Introduction to Christianity - Adam Knight will give a more in-depth look at one piece of our core curriculum.

D-04 The Pastor's Cabinet + Pastor's Academy: Models for Mentoring Leaders - Directing Pastor Charles Anderson talks about a core offering from the "Mission Phase" of the pathway.

How about some other photos?

Company is coming, so we are sprucing the place up. Our narthex is getting some fresh paint.

And here is where some of our keynotes and our closing worship service will take place, our North Campus Worship Center. (We are also eating there a bunch of times.)

If you will not be able to join us for LCI, some good news: We are taking this opportunity to pull together our thoughts and resources. There will be a lot more resources and information available on the website when we are all done.

I hope to see you next week!


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