Thursday, January 21, 2010


A lot of people assume that, because I am a pastor, the busiest times of my year revolve around Christmas and Easter. However, I am a specialized associate pastor so my life works just a little bit different. In the history of my ministry, January has consistently been the busiest month by far. There are two reasons for that.

One, because I have always worked in the area of Christian Education and Spiritual formation, January begins a new 'semester.' We launch a lot of new classes and studies in January. We also do that in the fall but summer gives a lot more time to prepare. Because the church and society are so busy from late November through the end of December, January courses involve a lot more last minute participation. There is also something about the beginning of a new year that causes a lot more people to show interest in learning and growing.

Two, because the end of the year is so busy, January seems to be a great time to catch up. And everybody seems to have the same idea. Thus, January becomes the busiest month of the year. So far this year, I have spent two nights in Dallas (my niece's wedding, that one was fun!) a night in Kerrville (for covenant connection), four days in Leakey (Annual Conference mid-winter youth camp - I had an amazing time.) The sporadic days I spent in town were pretty crammed full of kickoff sort of meeting and meetings to finish up 2009. (In fact I have one more of those tonight as we have our second Charge Conference to finalize University's budget.)

Needless to say, my attention to the blog, twitter and facebook have been seriously cut, especially because those days in Leakey were completely cut off from the world except for one of those phones that are actually attached to the wall.

I am looking forward to getting back in the office, back to my books and back to the blog. In the mean time, our Directing Pastor Charles Anderson has gone kicking and screaming into the current era with his blog debut and he is posting more faithfully than me. Check him out at:


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