Monday, January 4, 2010

Season with the Savior

2010 is a big year for University United Methodist Church. All churches are in the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ and University has been working over the last couple of years to be singularly focused on that mission. We have developed and implemented our Pathway to Discipleship and engaged an impressive percentage of our new members in a systematic journey towards discipleship development. 2010 brings us to the next step in our journey. This past Sunday, we kicked off Season with the Savior, a six-month all church emphasis designed to engage the entire church is looking to Jesus in order to look more like Jesus. It is designed around the three-fold Pathway to Discipleship: looking at how we have a Jesus meeting, learn the Jesus message, and begin to hear our mission from Jesus. The series extends beyond the sermons. Our journey together involves our Sunday school classes and other small-group Bible studies and is coordinated with our Pathway to Discipleship offerings.

I am excited about the series and also excited about the timing. We will be right in the middle of this series as we host The Large Church Initiative 2010 which is focused on "Disciple-Making and Decision-Making in the Large Church." We will be sharing a lot about our pathway for making disciples and it will be great that the entire church will be focused on meeting, message and mission.

You can read more about Season with the Savior at The U's website:

You can listen to or watch the first sermons of the series here:

Learn more about Large Church Initiative 2010 here:



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