Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Discipleship Pathway - From the Underside

On the wall of my office resides the "not so pretty" underside of our Pathway to Discipleship. Most people who enter into the system will never need to see this part. But, it is this part that makes it a true system: the feedback loops and subsystems and all the other stuff that makes it work. My first run at a discipleship system wasn't really a system at all. It was just a series of options that people could choose to participate in, or not. Most of the pieces that are living on my wall are about making it, not just a systematic approach, but a system that lives and breathes to help people grow.
The system is up and running but we are still tinkering. The next component to roll out is New Testament Survey. I am almost finished writing, as I should be, it begins January 13.
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