Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday Nights

I haven't written much about Wednesday evening worship since it started and some who are not able to attend have been asking. The service is called ugrow and I am pleased with its development. From 60-80 people show up each week in the loft on the third floor of our south campus. The service starts at 6:15 and rarely runs past 6:45. We usually sing two songs, pray, read scripture and then talk about the scripture for about twenty-minutes. I offer more of a teaching time than a sermon. People at University have a chance to hear sermons from two great preachers on Sunday morning. On Wednesday, with a smaller group, in a smaller room, we have a chance to dig a little deeper into the scripture - it's background, context and place in the overall message of scripture.

Just a couple of weeks ago we added a new piece. After the service a few people gather in the room to discuss the scripture and the teaching. This is a really unique opportunity to discuss questions about the text or teaching and to share insights and experiences. So far, it really affects my preparation and teaching knowing that what I am sharing is not one-way but rather I will also have a chance to share dialogue on the group. Over the last couple weeks, there have been about ten people for the group. I hope more people will take advantage of this opportunity.

If you live in San Antonio and haven't checked it out yet, I hope you will. I will be on vacation next week and Rev. Leslie Tomlinson will be leading as we continue our journey through Mark's Gospel.


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