Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting the Message

The video segments for "University for Life" are done and I made the mistake of taking a final look at the DVDs at home. They look fantastic but my mistake may have been allowing our son Joshua to watch with us. My segment on "The Jesus Message" is quickly becoming Josh's favorite video. Because it puts Papa on the TV, he wants to watch it over and over (and over).

Pastor Ryan, in his sermon yesterday, talked about the fact that children in church overhear and take away much more than we think they do. As Josh was watching my video again a few minutes ago, every time I would mention God or Jesus, Josh would repeat back, "God and Jesus." I decided to ask, "What about God and Jesus?" to which he replied, "Jesus loves me." I guess if adults take nothing more than that away from the video, it was worth the effort.

However, since I am really tired of hearing myself talk, I am going to go see if we can watch Little Einsteins.



p.s. All the videos for "University for Life" are now available. If you are leading a small group or Sunday School, you can get yours through the Discipleship office. They will also be available on the web this week, I will post the link when it is ready.
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