Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just some stuff

I remember remarking to someone last Easter that Easter wasn't really my busy time. So, things have changed a little bit. For pastors of churches with large Holy Week and Easter services, the days surrounding Easter can be exhausting. If you are an associate pastor in charge of discipleship and adult education, any additional work is offset by the fact that most classes take the week off are are already wrapped up in anticipation of summer. That was me last year. Me this year: primary preacher for our South Campus. That meant leading worship and preaching Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and three Easter Sunday services. Please don't read this as a "poor, exhausted me" complaint. I had the opportunity the lead alongside amazing musicians and worship leaders in outstanding traditional worship and to worship with with more people than I ever could have imagined. In other words, a lot of work, but fun! As I have written about before, I am still in the midst of transition to full-time preaching and Easter was a picture of that transition in fast-forward.

I have finally found time again for reading. If you look on the right side of the blog you will see that I have found my way into three books at once. I am fascinated by a book I mentioned on Easter Sunday and again this past Sunday, Lee Kravitz, Unfinished Business. I have just finished it and will post a review soon. I am also loving Eugene Peterson's, The Pastor. You may know Peterson as an author and the man behind The Message paraphrase of The Bible, but I have been moved by his experiences as a pastor, how his pastoral identity was formed and the struggles he faced in his pastoral ministry. I hope I will have time to post a review soon.

I have about three blog posts in some form of "unfinishedness." I hope to get them posted soon to continue the conversation.


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