Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something to Aim For

My apologies to my regular readers (both of you) I have been quite absent from the blog, facebook and twitter. I am trying to regain my bearings post LCI 2010. I told my staff that there would likely be a sort of low-grade depression in the building after hosting such a large conference. Our focus has been moving toward the event for a couple of years and we were intensely preparing for months. Now that it is over, a lot of us feel a little directionless. Let me be clear, we are not actually directionless at all. In fact, the work that we did getting ready for LCI gave us a lot more focus and clarity. We did a lot of presenting on and talking about our vision for discipleship. Presenting and dialoguing made us more aware of our strengths are weaknesses and gave us a lot of great ideas of where to focus next. So, after a few days of wandering, I am ready to get back at it and just in time. We are gearing up for pathway summer electives and our core offerings in the fall. Keep your eyes on the blog too. I will get back to regular posting next week.


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