Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Little LCI Bonus

As a way of promoting the upcoming Living Congregations Institute ( and as a way of shamelessly promoting one of my workshops, I am making the following offer to pastors of United Methodist churches in The Southwest Texas Conference. If you register for the event and sign up for my workshop on Creating and Implementing a Core Curriculum and you like what you hear, I will offer a free workshop for you, your church or your staff. You can either come here for free or pay transportation (and lodging if you are far, far away) and I will come to you. (I am limiting it to the first three pastors who ask.)

We are having remarkable success with our Pathway to Discipleship and believe that the structure can be recreated in contextually appropriate ways in any church of any size. To read more about the pathway, check out some of my previous posts:


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