Monday, August 31, 2009

An Invitation to Prayer

In developing The Pathway to Discipleship, we included an opportunity to take core offerings and electives. Just like a college curriculum, we figured that some things were essential to the journey. But we also know that people have different needs and interests when assembling their own "toolkit" for being a disciple.

As we roll into year two of the pathway, we are beginning to officially roll out some of the electives. The next pathway elective offering is called, An Invitation to Prayer. This is a course that I developed some years ago. I developed it in response to the realization that many people who come to church, participate in the ministries of the church, even lead the church, have no prayer life to speak of. I realized that this was a failing of the church. How, where and when does the church expect new Christians to learn about prayer? Yes, we pray in worship and at other church functions, but where do we teach, explain or model a life of personal prayer and devotion?

An Invitation to Prayer is a two week class that covers some of the obstacles to prayer, takes a biblical look at prayer and offers practical models and methods to help you begin or deepen your conversation with God.

I want to recommend this course to you whether you need to begin, restart or reinvigorate your prayer life. I also want to recommend it for those who already have a deep and abiding prayer life, but want to gain some better language and tools to help those you minister to develop their own prayer life.

The course is just two Tuesday evenings, September 15 and 22 from 6:30 to 8:30. This is an elective in the Meeting Phase of The Pathway to Discipleship so there is no prerequisite. You can register by calling the Discipleship Office at University 210-696-1033. Or email Laura Mick,


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