Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Times They are a Changing... Slowly

I was pretty surprised to the response to my very unscientific poll about how news travels. When asked where they heard the news about the death of Michael Jackson, I would have expected blog readers to be heavily biased to online sources and social media. In the limited responses I received, television and "someone told me in person" beat out sources like twitter and facebook and text messaging. The most interesting thing was the number of people who didn't vote because I didn't offer them the correct option. As a person who spent 11 years in the radio business, I surprisingly left off radio. (And using blogger polls you can't change the options once the polling starts.) I stopped counting the number of people who left comments on the blog, comments on my facebook page, replies on twitter and the number of people who called me, emailed me or spoke to me directly to say, "I heard about it on the radio." Fascinating. Time to hang up the blog and get back on the air.


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