Thursday, June 4, 2009

Annual Conference - Day One Wrap Up

Opening day of the Southwest Texas Annual Conference ended with some pretty amazing worship with music from The U's Mark Swayze and the Mark Swayze Band.  Bishop Garcia de Ochoa delivered a spirit-filled message on the common call to ministry we share as clergy and laity.  This was the traditional Memorial Service and Opening Eucharist which happens on the first night of the conference.  But, for me, it had a noticeably different feel.  When, towards the end of communion, the band launched into Jesus Paid it All and the congregation one by one came to their feet, the feel inside the Selena Auditorium changed.  Communion music, especially at the large conference gatherings can largely background music, but by the end of the song everyone had spontaneously joined together in song.  It was cool.

The rest of the day was filled with conference business.  As I blogged yesterday, Pastors Kit and Leslie were elected into full connection, their final step before ordination on Friday.  We also had our first informal discussion on the many constitutional amendments.  I guess I hadn't been paying attention, because I was surprised to learn that we won't be discussing or voting on the amendments until Saturday morning.  That is good news in that it might keep some delegates from leaving early.  However, it will not allow very much time for the body of the conference to discuss and vote.  Perhaps we assume that everyone will have already made up their mind by then.

If you want more information on the amendments, you can find it here:

This morning, there will be small communion services led by each of our District Superintendents followed by the first official business session.  I will let you know how it goes.  



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