Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Pathway on the Web

As I sit this morning looking over the many web tools that I used to read the news, stay in touch with friends and generally stay connected, I am pondering the future of the Pathway to Discipleship and its relationship to the web.   We have already talked about online version of the classes but so far I have been dragging my feet.  The reason is that the courses in the pathway are not just about gaining information, they are about transformation and transformation tends to happen in the midst of other people.  However, I have two objections to my own resistance.  First of all, while that is great in theory, some people just can't commit to being in the classes.  It is not just a matter of motivation.  Some people travel throughout the week and some people work hours that just can't match up to when we offer stuff.  Second, social media is reaching the point of development that people might be able to learn online in community.  There are already a number of online learning communities.  (In fact there have been for some time, I remember learning web authoring at ZDNet University a decade ago.)  There are also already online church communities.  (Check out LifeChurch.TV)

So, I am still thinking.  Feel free to post your thoughts: pros, cons, ideas, etc. on bring the pathway to cyberspace.


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