Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Hamilton - GM and The UMC

I almost missed this one. (Thanks Billy!) Adam Hamilton posted a very thought provoking piece on his weblog:

General Motors and the UMC Adam Hamilton at Seeing Gray.

Read the post and don't skip the comments.

I want to comment on a couple of comments. A couple of people take exception at Adam's analogy, of how he compares The United Methodist Church to General Motors. They point out quite adamantly that the church is not a company, not a business, etc. Of course it is not. And of course Adam Hamilton knows that. But analogies are helpful. Although the church is a gift from God and has at its center the resurrected Christ, it is still a human run institution. It is helpful to set the church next to other human run institutions, not to model or emulate them but so that we may see what we can learn from the comparison.

I also want to comment on the comment that was the last one posted as I was posting this (there may be other comments since then.) It was posted from "hc" who claims to be an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. He or she took exception to Adam's post. Nothing wrong with that, this is what comment fields are for. You will have to read Pastor Hamilton's post to get the context, but the comment ends with "How dare anyone have the audicity to say that small doesn’t work. Shame Adam…shame."

Really? A UM ordained elder wagging their finger at another in an anonymous comment field? This is what it has come to? Not to mention that Pastor Hamilton's post never said "small doesn't work."

Give the piece a read and feel free to return here to post your comments.


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