Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Swamped

The number of posts on my weblog is often a good reflection of the state of my ministry. When there are large gaps between posts, it is usually a good sign that I am swamped. The weblog is pretty important to me. It is more than just something for people to read. It forces me to think and reflect at a level a little higher than just the long to-do list in front of me. So, when there is a lack of posts, it sometimes means that I have not been able to get my head out of the tasks at hand. That is not too bad for short lengths of time, but if I go too long without time to think about the big picture it starts to create a downward spiral of creativity. The "right now" tasks seem to get harder to do and take more and more time - meaning there is even less time to get out of the weeds.

According to my calendar and to-do list, once I get through this week, I will get to come up for air. If you start seeing some more posts, you will know I made it.


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