Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NT Survey

The blog is sparse because all my writing time is going into my new course: New Testament Survey: The Message of Jesus. I really had fun putting together the study guide and I am having even more fun writing the lectures and group exercises. This is actually the first full course I have taught since coming to University and the first course I have written for the Pathway to Discipleship. The pathway makes is much easier to focus a course. This course is designed for the second phase of the pathway, the "message" phase, which focuses the news about Jesus. There are so many angles from which you can approach surveying the entire New Testament, some more helpful than others. The focus for this one is clearly helping people to understand the message of Jesus and helping them hear what they are called to do about it.
I am writing the lectures and putting together the exercise for this course from week to week. I decided to do it that way so I could evaluate each week if things are working. This is an introductory class and there is always a tricky balance of not going too deep and losing folks while giving enough depth to keep it interesting.
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