Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Much Would Jesus Water?

This is my actual lawn. Note that the water running down the street is not mine.

You will learn about me that I think theologically about everything. In other words, God is part of the equation in every part of my life. I do not allow myself to categorize things and claim that certain things have nothing to do with my relationship with God. Thus my struggle with my lawn. In the process of moving, the San Antonio sun along with the lack of rain got ahead of any effort to keep my lawn green. I am in the midst of reviving it, but it is always a struggle of stewardship for me.

I know that it would please my neighbors for my lawn to not be a desert of tumble weeds, dust and crab grass. My backyard is also where my son plays and it is a lot more accomodating to play on a carpet of grass rather than on hard dirt and occasional mud. Also, keeping the lawn alive at some level requires less resources than starting from scratch.

On the other hand. Keeping it healthy requires water, which is scarce; and money, which can be used for lots of other things. I have to imagine if I asked Jesus if he would use the gifts from God of scarce water and scarce financial resources on keeping the lawn alive or on something else, the something else might win.

Then again, I am not Jesus. But I am trying to look more like him. So I shall continue to struggle. You know, a little rain would make this all a little easier. Miracles do happen.


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